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Setelah memasukkan gambar dan cerita yg tersebut saya terbaca komen berikutAllah tunjukkanlah kebenaran dan patahkan kepalsuan. Khadija telah pun membuka pejabatnya disini di Malaysia. Saya akan mencari balik kad nama yg diberi kpd saya pd hari tersebut untuk menilai kembali maklumat2 ini.

Who is behind Jihad Unspun?

You may have seen this web site:

Lest I seem to be over zealous in pointing the below items, I humbly ask indulgence from those who already know this information.

A posting that I just noticed under 'Features' near the bottom of the Home Page (though it was written on September 11, 2003 and maybe I have missed it myself all this time) on who is behind this site is very interesting:

When the site first came up, more than two years ago, I was immediately skeptical of its 'originators' as it was truly a highly sophisticated and well designed web site worthy of an "Intelligence Agency's" effort (as I did inform my friends at the time after verifying for myself that it is hosted in Vancouver, Canada), and that it is not the kind of work of 'free-lance' Jihadists.

It now seems (maybe very belatedly) that my first impression was mistaken.

Furthermore, what made me look again carefully at Jihad Unspun was the following:

Jihad Unspun usually translates (after a day or two) most of Islam Memo news items that are in Arabic.
Islam Memo apparently had (and still does have) young reporters Everywhere in Iraq who have been reporting on Iraqi Resistance events practically within hours after their occurrence, with details on the destroyed, killed and injured and witnesses accounts.
Needless to mention, their daily news announcements differ very much (some claim very exaggerated) from what little of the actual Iraqi Resistance activities is actually allowed to filter through and is carried by the main stream media (be it the unabashed Western or the now emasculated Arabic media).

This is a sample of a recent news item from Islam Memo (or Mufakirat al-Islam) as translated by Jihad Unspun and not reported at all in the main stream media:
Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province Heats Up; Chinook Down With High Casualties Reported March 11, 2005

What piqued my interest to revisit Jihad Unspun in detail was their challenge to Islam Memo as to the reliability of their news items as per the following exchange between the two:

A Reply To Those Who Question Our Reports From Mafkarat al-Islam December 13, 2004

The debate between them, I believe, is still ongoing. If anybody is following it, I would appreciate a Comment.

"What can I, one woman enjoying semi-retirement on the beautiful banks of the Pacific Ocean in the remote mountain village of Lions Bay really do about it? Why should I even care?"
Bev Glesbrecht - - - - Khadija Abdul Qahaar

PS: As Jihad Unspun is a feature-laden site with several interesting sections, many friends have asked me where on it would they find the translated Islam Memo (Mafkarat al-Islam) news announcements.

On top left column is the Mainstream News. That should be obvious (for all its worth).
On top right column is Uncensored News. That is where most of the translated Islam Memo articles are.
As for other interesting sections, take a look at Multimedia Room, for example, near the middle of left column, and their selection of video tapes.

posted by Imad Khadduri # 2:36 PM

Disinformation: CIA Posing as Al-Qaeda?
08/21/03: (Liberty Forum) This professionally managed website [Jihad Unspun] with eyecatching design and graphics and daily news features, video store and reporters emerged on the net sometime after Sept. 11th 2001.
What really struck me as odd was all the professional glitz of the website as well as its deliberate attempt to look Arabic . . .
From what I know of pro-jihad websites, they operate on a shoestring budget, provided they happen to find volunteers and donors who are willing to risk being deported and detained. They get kicked off from ISP to ISP and use cheap frontpage templates. Real Jihad websites try to imitate the West in web design rather than coming up with colors that seem to resemble the robes of a sand dune shape and Arabic shaped English text. One such authentic website was the one run by a well known Saudi dissident, More about Azzam later.
Now getting back to Jihadunspun (JUS), the Related links tab first displayed the address of some Muslim name in British Columbia Canada. So right in our backyard we have a semi Al Qaeda operation which unlike Azzam doesnt even lose its ISP, let alone get shut down.
Next, take a closer look at the website.....This is a very sophisticated operation and I am sure that even some of its own Muslim reporters have no clue what is going on. . . .
But again, as the graphic on its homepage portrays Bush on one side and Binladen on the other. For an agitated Muslim as well as reactionary goyim, the NWO reinforces the assertion it made on Sept.11th by bringing down those towers by "heated jet fuel ": The war of civilisations is on : Binladen after grandly bringing down the towers now seeks to further his Jihad on the West.

Secondly, unlike other genuine Jihad sites, there is not even a whisper of conspiracy regarding Sept 11th on this site. In other words,
1. The goyim must continue hunting "Al Qaeda"
2 The muslims should resume the "jihad" on the West inaugurated by Binladen.
OR IN OTHER WORDS, NWO/ JEWISH CABBAL/ ILLUMINATI /SATAN/ CIA AGENDA! Notice how the tab "The players" has only Bush Binladen and Co. whereas the Real players are simply missing.

There is also another purpose. Suppose Bush is having a real unpopular moment. Jihadunspun could furnish another lab doctored video/audio recording of Binladen urging war on Americans. This will serve to distract and at the same time emphasise the need for a war. With its Al Qaeda credentials, few would doubt the source.

Here is what I found in a Chicago Tribune article
Some Web watchers, including Katz, believe the U.S. government may be using the Internet jihad to spy. They speculate that Jihad Unspun, an English-language site that appears to promote terror, may be a CIA creation, designed to find out who visits or orders videos glorifying bin Laden.

A lengthy notice on Jihad Unspun denies the allegations, saying the site is "a labor of love for Allah." Bruce Kennedy, identified on the site as editor in chief, said by e-mail that Jihad Unspun's operators "are not doing any interviews with American press at this time." A CIA spokesman denied the site has any connection to the agency.

Labour of love for Allah? Doesnt that sound a bit too wannabe muslim? Trust me, the muslims I know have Allah an established factor. They dont take in this "pleasing the emperor style which more depicts stereotypes of muslims.Why do I get the same feeling when I bumped into a male posing as 16/f/nyc?

Another tidbit.....a buddy of mine started liking JUS and decided to get involved on its fancy forums. Whatever got into him, the first article he posted was about How the CIA backed Saddam. Next day, he discovers he is a non-entity! no invalid pw or email simply says he is not a member ! If you guys have time, try it out. Post some hard stuff on the CIA and tell me here how long you lasted.

Here is some interesting stuff I found in the contact information under domain name lookup.
Jihad Unspun
Bruce Kennedy, #300 - 1497 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC V7T1B8 Canada
+1 604 913 2241, Fax: +1 604 913 2240

Interesting.....who is Bruce Kennedy? That would be a name I would like to keep as a handle. Well, as i have said before, some time back there was a muslim name and address in British Columbia (Canada). It seems the muslim paypal screwed it up or something so now they got this all white American convert to try explain where all the expertise and $$$ are coming from.

The website is hosted by two servers, one is a rather unheard of server in NWO backyard Canada
GT Group Telecom Services Corp. -Pacific
20 Bay Street, Suite 700
Toronto ON
Apart from, These creatures even have $$$ to keep registered in their name on another Canadian server
Shaw Communications Inc.
Suite 800
630 - 3rd Ave. SW

Now do you suppose These Canadian Companies would be interested in hosting pro-Al Qaeda websites?

In addition, both servers are hosted through YOURGALAXY.COM which seems to be some newfangled business AGAIN in British Columbia Canadafor providing streaming video support for JUS Binladen videos! Here is what I found about YOURGALAXY.COM
E-Tech Computers Inc.
#3080 - 8888 Odlin Cres.
Richmond, British Columbia V6X 3Z8

Boy thats a lot of $$$.....if JUS is a genuine Jihad Site, then the Saudis must be pouring in money like sand.

Now here's what happened lately.....Genuine Jihad site smelt something wrong in wannabe jihadi site JUS and sounded the alarm by publishing articles titled "JUS is CIA". Since Azzam is widely read, it had to be closed, or it would be the end of an expensive well orchestrated operation. For reasons unknown, was instantly shut down and has been offline since then.

In order to counter the damage done by, JUS published some damage control, which can be best described as the work of some other "Bruce Kennedy" whose experience with Islamic Arabs is Lawrence of Arabia movies and Tintin comics. Dont be impressed by the dropping of Koranic verses and Arabic lines. You can get Pakistani muslims@ 5$ an hour to do that. I am posting the whole article just in case JUS deletes it from its website noticing clumsiness.


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