Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Azmin sees red over fat payout to ex-Ferrari F1 boss

Tarani Palani | Jun 24, 09 4:26pm

PKR's Azmin Ali today alleged that former Ferrari formula one owner Jean Todt and his fiance Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh are being paid close a million ringgit as tourism ambassadors.


The Gombak MP asked why there was a need to employ Todt and Yeoh as ambassadors at such a high cost when there are Malaysian tourism offices aboard in major cities for that purpose.

Speaking at the Parliament lobby, Azmin said that Todt's annual fee as an ambassador was RM593,400 while RM388,000 was paid to Todt and Yeoh (right) for their Malaysian holidays.

Azmin further revealed that their flight cost itself comes up to RM360,000.

"This is only the flight costs. It does not include overseas accommodation, traveling expenses and lifestyle allowance," he said.

Azmin had earlier posed a supplementary question to deputy minister of tourism Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib on the matter but latter refused to answer him.

Has proof of land offer

Abdul Rahman said Azmin's query had "nothing to do with the original question" posed by Putatan MP on the types of films and documentary produced to promote tourism.

Azmin (below) also revealed that there has been communication between Todt and the tourism ministry on an offer of land on Pulau Besar in Terengganu Todt for his role as a tourism ambassador.

"I have prove on the offer of land to Todt in Pulau Besar. I have documents to show that there have been communication between the ministry and Jean Todt on the matter.

"(But) I'm not going beyond that (to reveal the details) until the ministry comes out with an open statement on the matter," he said.

"Was the land given for free? They have to come clean. What is the premium paid by Jean Todt, What is the acreage given to him?" he asked

Jean Todt resigned all his positions with Ferrari in March. Todt and Yeoh were appointed tourism ambassadors for a year to help promote Malaysia.

RM1 million in Europe is a small amount

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen (right) confirmed that Todt's appointment as tourism ambassador for a two-year period beginning May this year and that the RM1 million allocated for that period of time has yet to be spent.

"The money is not in the form of cash to him. To promote Malaysia in Europe, RM1 million is nothing," she said.

Speaking at the parliament lobby, she said the money is for his expenses such as air tickets when he is promoting the country during his travels and not "for his own pocket".

She slammed Azmin, saying that the money has yet to be spent and questioned his source of information.

As for the piece of land on Pulau Besar, she said that Todt does not own any land and that any 'offer' made should be referred to Azmin for clarification.

She justified the appointment of Todt as a tourism ambassador as his "presence in Europe will increase Malaysia visibility".

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