Sunday 8 June 2008

Pagi tadi saya telah dijemput untuk merasmikan "LONGEST FOOTBALL DRIBBLE" anjuran PEPSI/PEMANIS di Tasik Titiwangsa. Saya difahamkan program seumpama ini adalah yang pertama kali di Malaysia dan ianya akan dimasukkan ke dalam MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORDS.Turut hadir adalah Mr NEC dan Edwin Africa dari Pemanis. Wakil dari Msia Book of record yg agak lambat sampai krn tayar keretanya pancit. Celebrity yg jadi tumpuan ramai adalah Faizal Tahir yg jadi Duta Pepsi, Ally's Iskandar dari TV3 dan Dr Free Styler atau Suhaimi yang pakar menimbang bola. Peserta2 program menggelecek bolasepak / football dribbling selama 12 jam sekeliling KL. Dikatakan aktiviti tersebut akan pusing KL dua kali untuk menepati masa dan spek2 lain. Pasukan P119 Titiwangsa yang terdiri dari staf lelaki Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat dan 10 pemuda2 zon Kg Baru telah turut serta. Syabas kepada penganjur dan peserta2.
Ucapan Perasmian
Mr Ng Eng Cheang, VP of Sales & Marketing, Permanis Sdn Bhd Mr Edwin Africa, Marketing Director SEA, Pepsico (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Members of the Media Invited Guests Participants Ladies & Gentlemen Assalamualaikum First of all, I would like to extend my warm greetings to everyone on this beautiful early Sunday morning. Today is truly an auspicious occasion as the Pepsi Longest Football Dribbling Challenge is set to achieve a new Malaysia Book of Records. It is a great honour for me to be invited to honour, officiate and be part of a historical moment. This is an exciting and inspiring event with lots of fun. What’s more important is that it will encourage youngsters to work as a team, filling their leisure time with healthy sociable and enjoyable activities. It also could be one of the supportive programs to increase stamina, commitment and also mental strength, which are usually lacking amongst Malaysian athletes. We encourage sporting activities to create highly disciplined, motivated, focused and single-minded Malaysians that are needed in the development of the country's human capital.Your determination, focus, motivation and perseverance to face the odds to reach the finishing line should be a source of inspiration to Malaysian youths. These are qualities needed to mould and create an excellent and notable society which is one of the visions of the Malaysian Government.Planning, organising and managing such a large event as the Pepsi Longest Football Dribbling Challenge requires meticulous attention to details, attention to the welfare of participants and officials, efficient organisation of facilities and amenities, on-time delivery and zero error on computation of results.The commitment shown by participants, officials, volunteers, celebrities and the public who have given their support in any way or another, have been exemplary.
I applaud the efforts of Pepsico, Permanis and Malaysia Book of Records for organising such an event and this is indeed an ideal platform for youths and public to share their experiences. I am amazed at the large turnout of over 800 participants from various parts of Malaysia. I wish all participants all the best and may you enjoy your historical moment in creating the 1st Longest Football Dribbling record in Malaysia. Thank you, wassalam.

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