Wednesday 4 May 2011

Looks like "Show me your peni-flutter" is coming soon

Dear Editor,
We are indeed living in the most ridiculous times here in Malaysia.
First it was a peek-a-boo leak of a porn video. Next came a bold disclosure of "we did it."
Then close on the heels came the dramatized 'sumpah laknat' in full bullet proof vest that for the uninformed eye one could have mistaken that terrorists are lurking within our very own sacred compunds of worship.
And now, there is this bold challenge to take a lie detector test.
My, my, my. What's next? A 'show me your peni-flutter' challenge so that everyone and sundry gets to peek at Anwar's manhood?
And all these ridiculous drama is even defended by our leaders. One, both the PM and his mentor-Tun claimed that it is their (The D-Trios) right to do so. Two, the PDRM goes the distance to give them police protection for the drama to be staged.
Many honourable leaders within and outside of Islam have expressed their utter disgust. Many righteous and law abiding citizens have written unendingly in the public domain pleading with the authorities to stop all these disgusting erosion of moral values and the blasting of human decency .
But it appears that all effort is of no avail. There only seems to be more 'Coming Soon" trailers.
What do we do? What must concerned citizens and responsible leaders do? What do all loyal citizens of this Nation do to save the integrity, honour and dignity of their nation? What, when all else is failing do we do? Cry? Shut up? Or just comfort ourselves with "wait for GE-13."
J. D. Lovrenciear
Kuala Lumpur

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

apa sumbanngan kamu kepada negara?
cukup2 lah buat fitnah.
nanti nak kena cari orang yg kamu buat fitnah di Padang Mahsyar. bertaubatlah.
berpeganglah pada tali persaudaraan dan perpaduan.
buang ego kamu...